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Boursa Kuwait’s liquidity at its highest since last November

Boursa Kuwait's liquidity

Kuwait, (Business News Report)|| Boursa Kuwait’s liquidity rose to its highest level since last November despite a slight drop in the listed shares.

The general index of the Boursa Kuwait closed down by 0.3%, but liquidity recorded its highest level in four months.

The Kuwait stock exchange closed with a slight decrease of only 1.9 points, while the purchasing power of banks and the leading listed companies had a significant impact in restoring the pace of trading and its stability.

Boursa Kuwait’s activation of the automatic suspension of the shares, which decreased by 5%, also some resilience to the shares again, in light of the density of liquidity circulating throughout the market, which amounted to 112 million dinars ($369 million) for the first time since November 3, 2021 when the liquidity was recorded at the time 122.9 million dinars ($405 million).

The number of automated closures during Thursday’s session amounted to 47 auctions on listed entities, four of which witnessed more than one auction, such as Magharebia Holdings, Wethaq Insurance and Portland Cement.

The general index of the Kuwait Stock Exchange witnessed a decline of 23.5 points, bringing it to the level of 7,637.55 points, a decrease of 0.3%, through the circulation of 390.8 million shares through 19,464 transactions worth 111.8 million dinars ($369 million).

The first market closed at the level of 8320.27 points, with a decrease of 0.02%, through trading of 180.8 million shares through 10,278 transactions, at 84.4 million dinars ($278 million), according to Al-Rai newspaper.

The main market index declined 77.19 points, to reach the level of 6291.02 points, a decrease of 1.21%, during the circulation of 210 million shares, through 9186 transactions, at 27.3 million dinars ($90 million).

The newspaper pointed out that there were random sales of individuals with the start of trading on Thursday. And this was a natural result of the anxiety that prevailed in the scene. But soon most of the sellers took the initiative again to recover their shares, but at a higher cost, especially the shares of banks and some dinar entities.


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