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Biden Says Hes Absolutely Open to Serving 2 Terms as President

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said he is open to the possibility of serving two full ter..

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said he is open to the possibility of serving two full terms, or eight years, if he is elected as president in November.

“I think its a legitimate question to ask anyone over 70 years old if theyre fit, theyre ready,” Biden, who would be the oldest person to be elected president in U.S. history, told ABC News on Sunday. “But … watch me,” he added.

The interviewer asked Biden, 77, about his description of himself as a “transition candidate” amid speculation that he will be unfit to serve for a single four-year term and him naming Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) to be his vice presidential nominee.

“No, it doesnt mean that,” Biden said in response to the speculation, adding he will “absolutely” serve eight years in office.

President Donald Trump, in campaign ads and on social media, has highlighted Bidens verbal slips, his advanced age, and some of his unusual statements made in recent months, suggesting that he no longer has the cognitive ability to be president.

“Watch me. Mr. President, watch me. Look at us both. Look at us both, what we say, what we do, what we control, what we know, what kind of shape were in,” Biden said, referring to Harris, following Trumps criticism.

“In any state where we have competitive people running for the Senate and the House and the legislature, its important the Democratic Party invest there,” Biden also said in reference to the “transition candidate” remark. “So [what] I want to do is make sure when this is over, we have a new Senate, we won back statehouses, were in a position where we transition to a period of bringing people up to the visibility that they need to get to be able to lead nationally. And thats about raising people up. And thats what Im about.”

Bidens wife, Jill, said in interviews this week that the attacks on her husband are unfounded.

“Joe is on the phone every single minute of the day talking to governors, [Speaker] Nancy Pelosi [D-Calif.], hes on Zoom, hes doing fundraisers, doing briefings,” she stRead More From Source

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