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Apple to Issue Update for iPhone 12 in France Amid Radiation Concerns

iphone 12

BNR – France’s digital minister, Jean-Noel Barrot, has revealed that Apple will release a software update for its iPhone 12.

The move comes in response to concerns about electromagnetic radiation raised by the country’s regulatory authority.

Barrot stated that the update would be made available to French users in the coming days.

Suspended Sales

Sales of the iPhone 12 were temporarily suspended in France following the detection of excessive electromagnetic radiation levels. Indeed, Apple was promptly instructed to address this issue.

The tech giant clarified that the forthcoming update would exclusively apply to users in France.

It also emphasised that it was a response to the specific testing protocol used by French regulators. Apple further added that this radiation finding did not pose a safety risk.

However, concerns arose with regard to the reason behind the iPhone 12 update rollout in other regions.

Apple did not reveal whether any rollouts will occur on a global scale.

Jean-Noel Barrot further explained that the French radio frequency regulator (ANFR) would test the update to ensure its compliance.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has previously comforted people regarding mobile phone emissions.

It confirmed on the website that it’s not proven that exposure to low electromagnetic radiation may harm humans.

Concerns Over Global iPhone 12 Implications

In a statement, Apple reiterated that the radiation findings in France were linked to a specific testing protocol employed by French regulators.

It further underscored that there were no safety concerns associated with the iPhone 12.

Additionally, Apple emphasised its compliance with emissions regulations worldwide.

Apple had contested the ANFR’s review, asserting it had provided lab results from both Apple and third-party testers.

According to Apple, all results demonstrated the device’s compliance with applicable rules.

However, Jean-Noel Barrot issued Apple a two-week ultimatum and expressed the possibility of a ripple effect.

Regulators in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany have since announced their own investigations into the matter.

Germany’s BNetzA network agency revealed that the French inquiry could result in measures applicable to all EU member states.

The UK and US have not yet taken any action in response to the French ban.


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