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11 cool Stranger Things products to turn you Upside Down for season 3 – CNET

Come July 4, season 3 of Netflix supernatural thriller Stranger Things will bring Hawkins, Indiana, ..

Come July 4, season 3 of Netflix supernatural thriller Stranger Things will bring Hawkins, Indiana, and its creepy monsters, spooky parallel dimensions and bad '80s mullets back into our living rooms — and nightmares. To prepare for the return of Dustin, Lucas, Mike, Will, Max and crew, here are 11 (make that Eleven) products we spotted online that will get you in a Strange mood.

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Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of merchandise featured on this page.

Replica Schwinn bike like Lucas': From $294


If you have a Mind Flayer to burn, you'll want to get to it fast. Try a Schwinn bike modeled after the one Lucas Sinclair rides around Hawkins, Indiana. A headlight mounted to the handlebar gives you extra visibility while you're out solving mysteries, and it even comes with a camo bandana like Lucas wears.

MLB bobbleheads: From $50

National Hall of Bobblehead Fame

These baseball bobbleheads officially licensed by Netflix, MLB and the represented teams blend your favorite sci-fi show with your favorite sport. We can all agree a Demogorgon holding a San Francisco Giants jersey is the best kind of baseball fan, right? The bouncing baubles are expected to ship in September.

Upside Down Lego set: From $315


The first Stranger Things Lego set, designed to be built by two people, can flip over and stand up either way. One side depicts the Byers' house, while the other is the terrifying dark dimension known as the Upside Down. The set has 2,287 pieces — and, of course, a demigorgon minifig.

Hawkins Middle School T-shirt: From $12.95

Ann Arbor T-shirt Company/Amazon

If you want to relive your junior high years with a jacked-up spook factor, this Hawkins Middle School A.V. Club shirt might make you feel like you've got bigger things to worry about than awkward Friday night dances.

Dustin Chia Pet: $15


Dustin Henderson's adorable curly mop shouldn't be limited to his head. It should also adorn a decorative planter in your home. And now it can.

Funko plush Demogorgon: From $18


Demogorgons don't have to be scary. They can also be super cute and cuddly, as this Funko toy demonstrates.

Nike retro kicks: $120

As part of its Hawkins line, out June 27, Nike is selling three throwback models — the Cortez, Tailwind and Blazer (pictured) — that will put you in step with 1985, the year season 3 takes place. The shoes even come emblazoned with Hawkins High School logos so you'll fit right in with the gang.

Palace Arcade handheld gaming unit: $29.99

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