You can now have an official Pokemon wedding (if you’re into that) – CNET

Nothing says true love like two giant Pikachu mascots standing by as you say, "I do."

The Pokemon Company

What's more romantic than giant yellow Pikachu mascots cheering you on at your very own Pokemon-themed wedding?

If you live in Japan, you can have the beloved yellow character — currently the star of the Pokemon Go game and the recent Detective Pikachu movie — front and center at your commitment ceremony.

The Pokemon Company and the Japanese event planning company Escrit are teaming up to offer fans officially-licensed Pokemon-themed weddings.

How about a Pikachu wedding cake?

The Pokemon Company

Best of all, the geektastic ceremony includes an appearance by both life-size bride and groom Pikachu mascots, who will happily act as ushers, ring bearers, best man, maid of honor or perhaps a much-needed distraction to keep troublesome family members at bay.

The Pokemon wedding packages also have a Pokemon-themed menu that include a Pikachu decorated wedding cake, speciality entrees in the shape of Pokemon characters, and more.

How can anyone say no to Pokeball-shaped macarons?

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