Violent turbulence sends airline passengers CRASHING INTO CEILING in dramatic VIDEO

      Passengers on a Bulgarian airline were torn from their seats by violent in-flight turbulence and sent crashing into the cabin ceiling – and one another – leaving ten with injuries. The terrifying moment was caught on camera.      

The flight, headed for Basel, Switzerland from Kosovos Pristina, encountered severe turbulence about 30 minutes into its journey, causing a rapid drop in altitude that sent passengers airborne. One unfortunate witness captured the chaos on film.

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“I think I was unconscious for a brief moment,” passenger Idriz Brahimj, 51, told Swiss newspaper 20 Minuten. Brahimj, who suffered a concussion in the mayhem, said he only remembers the screams of his fellow commuters as he slammed his head on the ceiling of the aircraft, a Boeing 737-300.

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A food cart can also be seen soaring into the air in the video, its contents, including scalding hot tea and cofRead More – Source