Trump to EU: Include agriculture in US trade talks or face tariffs

Donald Trump reiterated his threat that trade talks with the EU must open up markets to farmers or he would impose tariffs on European car imports.

EU negotiating directives agreed Monday say agriculture must be excluded from planned negotiations.

“They barely take our agricultural products, and yet they can sell Mercedes Benz and they can sell anything they want in our country including their farm products, and its not fair,” the U.S. president said late Monday at an event in Minnesota.

Referring to the U.S.s $169 billion trade deficit with the EU last year, Trump said the country has been treated “badly” by the EU “for so many years,” adding: “Those days are changing rapidly, they understand it.”

He then threatened to impose tariffs on imports of autos and potentially also other products: “I talk to them and say fellows, [that] has to change, has to change — and you know, I said frankly, look if it doesnt change, were gonRead More – Source