Trump Says US Wont Get Involved in Fighting Between Turkey and Syria

President Donald Trump said that whatever happens between Turkey and Syria is between those countries and doesnt involve the United States.

Trump, speaking in the Oval Office on Oct. 16, said there were no American soldiers left in northern Syria about one week after he announced the withdrawal of American forces as part of an attempt to end what he calls “endless wars.”

Responding to criticism that America is leaving behind the Kurds, who helped the United States demolish ISIS, Trump said he thinks the Kurds will be fine.

“Syria and Turkey may fight. Syria is friendly with the Kurds. The Kurds are very well protected, plus they know how to fight, And by the way, theyre no angels, but they were with us,” he said.

Syrian government forces raise a national flag and an image of President Bashar al-Assad at Tabqa air base in norther Syrias Raqa region on Oct.16, 2019. (AFP via Getty Images)

“Syria is either negotiating with or talking to Turkey. Were also talking to Turkey. We put massive sanctions on Turkey. Sanctions work, frankly, better than fighting, certainly when youre down to 28 people. Were not going to be fighting, we dont want to fight anyway, I dont think theres any reason to, from the United States standpoint,” he added.

“Now as to Syria wanting to take back their land, thats a whole different story. If Syria wants to fight for the land, thats up to Turkey and Syria, as it has been for hundreds of years theyve been fighting, and the Kurds have been fighting for hundreds of years. That whole mess, its been going on for a long time.”

Trump reiterated his view that the fighting in the region does not involve the United States.