Trump on Chinas Xi: We love each other

DAVOS, Switzerland — Donald Trump said the relationship between China and the U.S. has “probably” never been better during a speech at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos Tuesday.

During his address, the U.S. president gave the gathering of elite policy-makers and business people a laundry list of economic achievements, including what he described as confronting “Chinas predatory practices” in trade with America. Trump said these had become “worse and worse and worse” under his predecessors. “Under my leadership America confronted the problem head on,” he said.

“Our relationship with China has now probably never, ever been better,” Trump said, adding that he gets on well with President Xi Jinping. “Hes for China, Im for the U.S., but other than that, we love each other.”

In a review of the domestic policy decisions he has made since taking office in 2017, the president claimedRead More – Source