The militia is all of us: Who are Venezuelas pro-Maduro colectivos, so demonized by the West?

Ever since the US recognized Venezuelas wannabe coup leader, pro-government volunteers have been bracing for increasingly likely military intervention, ready to defend the Bolivarian Republic from internal and external enemies.

Founded in 2008 to help Venezuelas armed forces secure the gains made by former President Hugo Chavez, the leftist citizens militias, or colectivos, are being regularly portrayed in Western mainstream media as a sinister and nefarious group.

However, with 1.6 million members, or 1-in-20 Venezuelans, the movement is much more than just a part-time paramilitary force and a nationwide citizen militia, RTs project Redfish has discovered.

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“Ive learned to read and write,” said one member of a colectivo, Yanira Rusa, who is now studying at university. She added that the militias have given Venezuelan women a greater sense of power and autonomy.

Women were scared to defend their nation before. Not anymore…Im not scared of anything.

“The US doesnt sleep. At the moment what keeps them awake is Venezuela,” says one militia group leader, Guadalupe Rodriguez, explaining how the US have always wanted to “dominate” Latin America and impose its political will on the continent.

The militia is all of us. Its the people… It shouldnt be taboo to say this.

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