The Chemical Brothers on Brexit: For what?

Electronic music stars The Chemical Brothers said Brexit was “maddening” and there was no “trade-off” to leaving the European Union.

Speaking to the Guardian to promote their new album “No Geography,” Chemical Brother Ed Simons said Brexit meant “losing something youre used to having — your rights, whether you use them or not — and for what? Theres no trade-off, which makes me quite angry and sad.”

He added that “youre going to have something reduced about your country and your own personal opportunities, and thats being celebrated? Its maddening.”

Brexit, Simons said, “hits into something about collaboration, this sense of we can do it together. Whatever happens with Brexit, whether it happens or it doesnt happen, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has now left Britain, its not coming back to London, thats gone. The idea that we are at the centreRead More – Source