Sen. Grassley Suspects Deep State May Bury Spygate Report

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) suspects that the numerous delays of the release of a much-anticipated report on spying on the Trump campaign suggest that the deep state is working to bury the document.

“All of the delays and excuses why the Horowitz IG FISA report isnt public yet after several months of anticipation of its issues leads me to the suspicion its going to be deep six by the deep state,” Grassley wrote on Twitter on Oct. 21.

The senators comment refers to the much-anticipated report by the Department of Justice (DOJ)s Office of Inspector General on the investigation of potential abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

The release of the report had been rumored to be imminent for months but has been plagued by delays. In one of the most recent examples, Fox News host Maria Bartiromo cited anonymous sources as saying that the report was coming out on Oct. 18 and would be as thick as a phone book. Bartiromo later walked back the claim and said the report would be out by the end of the month.

Starting in October 2016, senior FBI and DOJ officials signed off on four FISA court warrant applications to surveil Trump campaign associate Carter Page. The application relied heavily on an opposition research dossier about then-candidate Donald Trump. Former British spy Christopher Steele compiled the dossier. The FISA warrant applications all failed to disclose that Hillary Clintons campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid for the dossier.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz provided the most recent official update on the report on Sept. 13. In a letter to lawmakers, Horowitz wrote that his office had sent a copy of the final report to the DOJ for “classification determination and marking.” Horowitzs team reviewed 1 million documents and conducted more than 100 interviews as part of the investigation, according to the letter. After receiving a marked-up report from the DOJ, the inspector general would then start working on preparing a public version of the report and a classified supplement.

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