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Romanovs are ‘valuable asset’ for Soviets, Lenin says in live media Q&A

Published time: 19 Oct, 2017 22:54
Bolshevik leader Vladim..

Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin believes the Romanov family are a “valuable asset” to the Soviet regime as the socialist government seeks to enter into talks with the US and UK.

Speaking to the Russian Telegraph (RT), as part of the #1917LIVE project, which relives the momentous events of the Russian Revolution, Lenin said the deposits of the imprisoned Tsar Nicholas II in Western banks will provide leverage to Soviet negotiators ahead of future talks with the West.

“Their money is deposited with British and American banks, so we need them,” he said.

Romanovs a valuable asset in talks with UK & USA. Their money is deposited with British and American banks, so we need them #1917LIVE

— Vladimir Lenin (@VLenin_1917) October 19, 2017

During the interview, Lenin hailed the Soviet government and promised that the socialist victory will be “9/10 bloodless.”

If power can’t be won through other means but uprising, you must arise straightway #1917LIVE

— Vladimir Lenin (@VLenin_1917) October 19, 2017

He added that he had little hope of seeing a socialist revolution in the UK or the US, because Westerners are “too individualistic to easily enlighten them with socialist ideas.” He was, however, optimistic about the chances of one occurring in Germany, the European heartland.

Lived in UK, know British people. Westerners too individualistic to easily enlighten them with socialist ideas. Russia first ?? #1917LIVE

— Vladimir Lenin (@VLenin_1917) October 19, 2017

German proletariat is closest of all to its own Socialist revolution – just look at what war has done to them – hit hardest by hunger!

— Vladimir Lenin (@VLenin_1917) October 19, 2017

Global Socialist revolution imminent. German proletariat ready to topple capitalist parasites, more nations to follow! Communism comes later

— Vladimir Lenin (@VLenin_1917) October 19, 2017

The Soviet leader was also quite forthright on what he believes are the most important factors in building a socialist society.

Equal rights, abolish private property, nationalize natural resources & means of production, public control of elected bodies #1917LIVE

— Vladimir Lenin (@VLenin_1917) October 19, 2017

Lenin railed against the “united capitalist world,” the pressure from which, he believes, makes it all the more necessary to have the workers of all the countries of the world united under one banner.

Building individual Soc. state involves confronting tremendous pressure from united capitalist world craving to eliminate rival #1917LIVE

— Vladimir Lenin (@VLenin_1917) October 19, 2017

He encouraged artists to become productive contributors to the new socialist society, ominously saying: “Those who don’t work, don’t eat.”

Artists should seek ways to be useful members of new socialist society, incompatible with social parasitism. Those who don't work, don't eat

— Vladimir Lenin (@VLenin_1917) October 19, 2017

As the interview came to an end, Lenin struck an optimistic note about the future of the Soviet Revolution.

Soviet Russia? Shining beacon for people all over world for years to come. 1st socialist state will be milestone in human history! #1917LIVE

— Vladimir Lenin (@VLenin_1917) October 19, 2017

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