Pokemon Sword and Shield launch Nov. 15 on Nintendo Switch – CNET

You can get to Zacian and Zamazenta on Nov. 15.


Pokemon Sword and Shield will appear on Nintendo Switch Nov. 15, whipping Pokemaniacs everywhere into frenzy ahead of E3 2019.

Nintendo gave us with a 15-minute dose of fresh details about upcoming Switch games Wednesday, showing off the Pokemon-embiggening Dynamax phenomenon, Max Raids and its super cool legendary wolves Zamazenta and Zacian.

James Turner, art director at developer Game Freak, introduced us to a few new Pokemon species too: Wooloo the sheep, Gossifleur (which evolves into Eldegoss), snapping turtle Drednaw and Corviknight the flying taxi (which can take players back to any town they've visited).

We got a bunch of details on the wider franchise from the Pokemon Company's 2019 press conference last week — including the announcement of Pokemon Sleep — but Wednesday's stream shifted the focus back to the core game series.

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