Ocular rift: GRAPHIC PHOTO shows what happens when your iris peels off

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) is among the most prestigious and longest-running peer-reviewed medical journals in the world, but it also has a penchant for sharing truly gruesome cases on social media.

In a recent quiz, the NEJM shared an image of a 48-year-old patient whose eye was lashed by a bungee cord while they were trying to secure items to their motorcycle.

Following a week of eye pain, double and blurred vision, the patient underwent a slit-lamp examination in hospital which revealed the ocular trauma they had endured. Those of sensitive disposition may want to look away now.

The patient experienced what is known as iridodialysis, or separation of the iris.

Blunt force trauma, while playing sports or after an airbag deployment in a car crash, are among the most common causes of iridodialysis. In mild cases, iridodialysis is managed with bed rest, but more extreme cases can require surgery.

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