No-deal Brexit now a significant risk: Irish finance minister

Ireland is anticipating the worst come Brexit day, October 31.

“We now believe that the prospect of a disorderly Brexit occurring is a significant risk,” Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe said ahead of a meeting of EU finance ministers Tuesday.

“The Irish government is meeting today now to review our readiness for dealing with this great challenge.”

Donohoe stressed Irelands intention to maintain its commitment to the EU, while also seeking the blocs continued support to weather the Brexit turbulence.

“We have very strong commitments to the European Union that we will maintain. Im very confident that our new leaders of our key European institutions will continue to show the understanding and support that current leaders have shown.”

According to the Irish Times, ministers will be briefed on the “dire consequences for Northern Ireland and the all-Ireland economy” in a Cabinet meeting today. Dublin is seeking to avoid a hard border on the island while avoiding a situation in which Northern Ireland becomes a backdoorRead More – Source