Netflix’s next Black Mirror may let you choose your preferred dystopian horror – CNET

Netflix's Black Mirror may be the first non-children's show that gets the streaming company's nascent "choose your own adventure" interactivity.


Black Mirror may be Netflix's first grown-up show to get the choose-your-own-adventure treatment, with one episode planned to have an interactive, branching plot when the new season premieres, expected in December, a report by Bloomberg said Monday, citing people familiar with the matter.

The company introduced interactive episodes last year with children's specials, like a story about the Dreamworks' character Puss in Boots. The program let a kid pick whether Puss, for example, fights with a god or a…tree, by choosing one of two choices with a TV remote control or by tapping on a device's screen. It made Netflix one of the largest media companies to test the waters of interactive TV, a format that has held promise for years as television migrated to internet-based streaming but nevertheless remains niche.

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Among Netflix's main competitors, HBO beat the streaming giant to prestige interactive television last year with Mosaic, an interactive murder mystery by filmmaker Steven Soderbergh.

Netflix decline to comment, other than to direct me to a YouTube video of crickets chirping and an animated GIF of Titus Andromedon casting a spell.

Beyond Black Mirror, Netflix is working on a wider slate of TV shows or movies that let viewers pick the storylines they want to follow, according to Bloomberg, with the first set to arrive this year.

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