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Momentum v Progress and the battle for Labour

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If Jeremy Corb..

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If Jeremy Corbyn and Tony Blair were locked in a room and told to battle it out for the soul of the Labour Party who would emerge triumphant? Sadly, we will never know. The next best thing's a battle between Progress and Momentum.

For those not schooled in the intricacies of Labour politics, Blairite group Progress have been around a lot longer than Corbyn-supporting Momentum, but they don't have anywhere near as many members. There is no love lost between the two factions.

Guardian journalist Owen Jones was an early supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, and, barring a wobble when Labour had a poor by-election result, remains a strong supporter of Momentum. He thinks claims by Progress supporters that they are being "purged" from the party is ridiculous – and Progress just need to accept that their brand of politics is on the way out.

Richard Angell is a director of Progress. He claims Momentum is guilty of forcing "moderates" – that's what New Labour-types are called these days – out of the party in an undemocratic way.

The debate is running on twitter…

Skip Twitter post by @vulp_es

Angell is a relic from the time when people used to say "I can't see any difference between the parties" – It's good that we only see one conservative party now!! (and even that is one too many!)

— Reynard (@vulp_es) November 28, 2017

End of Twitter post by @vulp_es

But for some it is all a bit incestuous and pointless…

Skip Twitter post by @brendandcruz

I don't get these Labour factions and intense internal squabbles. At each other's throats on Daily Politics. Is it like Sony vs. Betamax? They have utility, one will be remembered fondly, but ultimately they will both become obsolete … #dailypolitics

— Dr. Brendan D'Cruz (@brendandcruz) November 28, 2017

End of Twitter post by @brendandcruz

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