Macron says he hopes Brazil gets a new president

BIARRITZ, France — French President Emmanuel Macron just dropped the hammer on Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

In extraordinarily blunt remarks on the closing day of the G7, Macron said he hoped that Brazil will soon have a new president.

“I hope they will very soon have a president who is up to the task,” Macron told reporters after he was asked about recent, insulting comments that Bolsanaro and a member of his team made about the French president and his wife.

He also recalled two other recent decisions by Bolsonaro that have contributed to a deterioration of relations between France and Brazil.

“When I saw him the first time, he swore to me he would do everything for reforestation and the Paris Agreement commitments so that we can sign Mercosur. Fifteen days later he does the opposite,” Macron said in reference to Bolsonaro reneging on commitments that French officials say he made in order to get French support for the Mercosur free-trade agreement between the EU and Latin American countries.

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