Joe Biden Wins Maine Democratic Presidential Primary

Former Vice President Joe Biden has won Maines Democratic presidential primary, adding to his list of wins over Super Tuesday.

With 98 percent of votes in, Biden has 34.1 percent, ahead of Sen. Bernie Sanderss (I-Vt.) 32.9 percent. The Associated Press called the race for Biden on Wednesday afternoon.

Biden claimed victory in the New England state on Wednesday afternoon, writing on Twitter: “Thank you, Maine!”

Sanders, who won Maine with 64 percent in 2016, was forecasted to win the state leading up to Super Tuesday.

This is the 10th state that Biden has won or is projected to win out of the 14 states that held Democratic primaries on Super Tuesday.

He has won or is projected to win the Democratic primaries in Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, as well as Minnesota and Massachusetts—Sen. Elizabeth Warrens home state. The Associated Press also called Bidens victory in Texas in the early hours of Wednesday, after a close race between Biden and Sanders.

Sanders is projected to win in California, the state with the most number of delegates on offer—415—on Super Tuesday. The Vermont senator also won in his home state, as well as Colorado and Utah, according to The Associated Press.

On Wednesday, Sanders told Democratic voters that they face a serious choice in picking between him and Biden.

“What this campaign is, I think, is increasingly about is: which side are you on,” Sanders said at a press conference in Burlington, Vermont.

Sanders said that his campaign is about taking on “the entire corporate establishment,” including insurance, drug, and oil companies, and “the entire political establishment,” which has been “working frantically to defeat us.”

Biden, by contrast, is running a campaign with support from both establishments, Sanders alleged. Biden wouldnt bring about the changes needed in the country, he said.

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