Israeli military resorts to trolling to berate Gaza protesters … gets trolled itself

      The IDF took to Twitter to jokingly explain why Palestinian “riots” in Gaza are not “protests” and justify the military response to it. The trolling session didnt go so well, however, and the IDF got a taste of its own medicine.      

The bizarre thread was posted on the IDF Twitter account on Friday, describing in tongue-in-cheek fashion why Palestinian protests shouldnt be described as “peaceful” and perceived as “violent riots” instead. Some tweets were tech-savvy.

Other were generally funny.

Using bombs at a “protest” is like using a lawnmower to shave your legs…

You just dont.#StopHamas

— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) 29 марта 2019 г.

And at least one was borderline creepy.

The thread was met with quite a mixed reaction by the twitterati, as many flocked to the IDF page to show that two can play that game. The replies mimicked the IDF's style, while berating the activities of the Israeli military instead.

Using an F-16 for a surgical strike is like using a sledgehammer for a thumb tack … you just don't.

Using live ammunition against fire bombs and stones is like hanging your child for being impolite .. you just don't.#StopIDF

— Gabriel Steel (@Steel94010) 29 марта 2019 г.

And calling you a "moral army" is like calling Charles Manson a playful toddler.

— ISAACSG (@simangeo) 29 марта 2019 г.

Others took on the Israeli state as a whole.

Some drew not the most flattering comparisons.

Shooting children living under an evil occupation and calling for freedom is like what the Nazis did to Jews in WW2…

You just dont.

— Pogbaholic (@SallyTheManc) 29 марта 2019 г.

And criticized the poor taste of the IDF trolling spree.

Using fun pop culture references to address whats happening in Gaza is like acting like this isnt real life.

Stop doing these tweets.

— Kyle Berger (@kberger16) 29 марта 2019 г.

well im glad the genocide yall are doing is at least cute and funny to you

— chris (@MuellerDad69) 29 марта 2019 г.

Other users, however, showed support towards the Israeli military, while using the very same tweeting style.

Calling islam “the most peaceful religion in the world is like saying 99% of terrorists didnt had any religion! And only 1% had.

It just isnt…….#longliveisrael

— Ansh (@politicsask) 29 марта 2019 г.Read More – Source