EU judge tells Google it landed on Monopolys Go to jail square

LUXEMBOURG — Judge Colm Mac Eochaidh of the EU General Court told Google today he saw the companys favoritism of its own shopping service as a clear infraction, and insisted that in Monopoly terms the internet giant had landed on “Go to jail.”

On day two of the hearing in which Google is appealing the European Commissions decision fining it €2.42 billion for abusing its dominance over rival comparison shopping services, Mac Eochaidh signalled that he seemed to have already made up his mind in support of the Commission. He is one of five judges hearing the appeal.

“For me, this case is about visibility. It is perfectly apparent that you have promoted your own and demoted others,” the Irish judge told Googles lawyers, in an unusually outspoken interjection, adding that he saw that as a clear infraction.

The judge at several times interrupted the responses of Googles lawyers, and told lawyer Meredith Pickford: “Youre noRead More – Source