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Cyber ​​gangs launch attacks on thousands of companies

Cyber ​​gangs

Cyber ​​gangs have launched a massive ransomware attack on software supplier chain, with more than 1,000 companies being attacked so far.

The number is still on the rise, while US President Joe Biden has ordered an investigation into the cyber-attack that affected hundreds of American companies.

Biden said he directed US intelligence agencies to search for who was responsible for a sophisticated ransomware cyber-attack that affected hundreds of American companies and raising suspicions of Russian involvement.

“We’re not certain” who is behind the attack, Biden said. “The initial thinking was it was not the Russian government but we’re not sure yet,” he said.

Cyber ​​gangs

The attack focused on managed service providers, which primarily provide IT services to small and medium-sized businesses. This would lead to ripple effect of such attacks. Hackers can then gain access to CSM clients as well.

“This is a colossal and devastating supply chain attack,” Huntress senior security researcher John Hammond said in an email, referring to an increasingly high profile hacker technique of hijacking one piece of software to compromise hundreds or thousands of users at a time.

The impact of the attack from electronic gangs began to appear yesterday in Sweden. The majority of Coop grocery chain stores, which number is more than 800 stores, were not opened on Saturday, after the attack led to a defect in its cash records.

Ongoing investigations

The hackers were identified as Russia-linked ransomware group Revel, which was accused last month of hacking meatpacking giant JBS.

According to research published by cyber security company ESET, there are victims in 11 countries so far.

The hackers appeared to have targeted Miami-based Kaseya, a software development company for service management providers, as a way to attack its customers, according to cybersecurity experts.

In a statement, Kaseya said it has notified the FBI and has so far identified fewer than 40 agents affected by the attack.

Among the affected service management companies was Synnex Corp. and Avtex LLC, according to two people familiar with the attack.


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