Democratic Lawmaker Who Endorsed Trump Now Says He Wont Resign

A state representative in Georgia who garnered attention for endorsing Republican President Donald Trump for reelection said he is not resigning.

State Rep. Vernon Jones, a Democrat, said this week that he was resigning from his seat but wouldnt leave his party.

But Jones said in a video statement that he reversed his plans and will not resign.

“Yesterday, I announced my intentions to resign from my office. But shortly thereafter, the outpour of support I received was too great for me to ignore,” he said in a statement.

“I will not allow the Democrats to bully me into submission. I will not let them win. I will NOT resign.”

Jones said he faced “a barrage of attacks and name-calling from the far-left of the Democratic party.”

He thanked Georgia residents and people from outside the state for supporting him. The support motivated him to stay in his seat after speaking to family and friends.

“Because what you did for me, Im going to remain on the battlefield. Im going to complete my term,” Jones said.

He said he would put America before his party and work to get Trump a second term in office.

Jones drew criticism and praise for endorsing Trump earlier this month, telling people in a videoRead More From Source