Brussels airport to provide on-site coronavirus testing

Passengers flying into Brussels Airport from an area deemed a high-risk “red zone” by the Belgian government will soon be able to pay to get a coronavirus test on landing.

Tests will also be offered to tourists leaving Brussels under the airports new plans. A mobile unit will be set up outside the airport terminal and should be operational by the beginning of September.

Brussels Airport Company CEO Arnaud Feist said today that results for rapid tests for some departing passengers would be available within three hours.

Costs for the tests will range from €46 for passengers arriving from red zones, to €67 for departing passengers opting for the regular test, which on average takes nine hours to produce results. Passengers will be charged €135 for the rapid option.

Airlines have in recent weeks been urging national governments to roll out more airport testing to tackle the COVID pandemic, rather than introducing mandatory quarantines for Read More – Source