BREAKING: Theresa May to see Tory chairman tomorrow as 48 no-confidence letters REACHED

Brexit-supporting Tory MPs are attempting to oust the Prime Minister as leader via a no-confidence vote as she lobbies EU leaders for “reassurances” about her deal.

To do so, at least 48 Tory MPs must submit letters of no-confidence in her leadership to Brady, chairman of the influential 1922 Committee.

Mrs May is expected to meet with Brady on Wednesday as Tory MPs and a cabinet minister believe the threshold for a no-confidence vote has been reached, the BBC has reported.

But speaking from Brussels tonight, Mrs May told Sky News she hadnt received notice that the 48 letters needed had been handed to Brady.

When pressed on the issue, she blankly said “no”, suggesting the threshold of letters had not been reached, but did not elaborate.

Instead, the PM said had been attempting to find a way to resolve the issue of the Irish backstop – the main element dozens of MPs want her to scrap.

“Talking to EU leaders about the issues parliament have raised, I have seen a shared determination to deal with this issue,” she told Sky News.

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SQUIRMING: Theresa May said she hasn't received notice of a no-confidence vote (Pic: SKY NEWS)

theresa may

ON THE BRINK: At least 48 Tory MPs must submit letters of no-confidence to trigger a contest (Pic: SKY NEWS)

Mrs May unleashed the wrath of MPs across the House of Commons by delaying a “meaningful vote” on her Brexit deal she said would have been rejected by a “significant margin”.

As she desperately seeks concessions from EU leaders, Tory MPs furious with her for postponing the vote have reportedly submitted new letters of no-confidence today.

Tory MPs believe at least five new letters of no-confidence in Mrs mays leadership have been submitted within the last 24 hours since she delayed the “meaningful vote”.

Sources from the European Research Group (ERG), chaired by leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg, told Sky News the 48 letters required to trigger a vote has been reached.

But, according to the Sun, Brady does not yet have enough letters from lawmakers to trigger the process.

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NEIN: Angela Merkel has reportedly rebuffed Theresa May's efforts to change her Brexit deal (Pic: GETTY) Related Articles

Estimates vary as to how many no-confidence letters Tory MPs have submitted to Brady, who does not publicly reveal the number until the 48 threshold has been met.

Steve Baker, a former Brexit minister and now central figure in the rebellion, has urged his colleagues to submit letters if theyre serious about toppling Mrs May.

He told the BBC: "The only way to change the policy is to change the Prime Minister. I really think it's her duty now to go."

Baker and Rees-Mogg are among the some 20-odd Tory MPs who have publicly submitted a letter of no-confidence in Mrs Mays leadership.

But George Freeman, Tory MP for Mid Norfolk, urged his party to refrain from toppling the PM.

He tweeted: “To any colleagues thinking of signing their letter to Mr. Brady to trigger a leadership election, I beg you not to. The country would never forgive us. If the PM is out of runway, we should have a caretaker Prime Minister until a leadership election in May.”


DEAD END : Jean-Claude Juncker warned the deal can't be reopened (Pic: GETTY)

As the prospect of a leadership challenge looms, Mrs May is tonight meeting European commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker and EU Council president Donald Tusk.

Earlier today Juncker dismissed the possibility of reopening negotiations, telling Britain “it's the only deal possible” in an address to the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Meanwhile, German chancellor Angela Merkel told the PM the withdrawal agreement cannot be changed during emergency talks between the two leaders in Berlin this lunchtime.

A spokesman for Downing Street said May and Merkel have agreed to stay in close touch in order to get the Brexit deal through parliament.

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ALL SMILES: Mrs May and Juncker appeared in high spirits as they met in Brussels (Pic: GETTY)

“I have seen a shared determination to deal with this issue”

Theresa May

Back in Westminster, Jeremy Corbyn has insisted he will wait until the "appropriate time" to table a motion of no confidence in her government.

The Labour leader told MPs that Mrs May must admit her Brexit deal is "dead" and criticised her "shambolic" Brexit negotiations.

He told MPs: "She no longer has the authority to negotiate for this country when she doesn't even have the authority of her own party."

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