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Biden’s inauguration: will the celebration turn into a nightmare?

US and international intelligence agencies warn of the US President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration’s day.

US and international intelligence agencies warn of riots on the President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration day.

Despite Donald Trump’s calls to his supporters to remain calm, officials remain anxious and cautious.

The Daily Beast obtained an intelligence bulletin issued by the Secret Service warning of armed protests in Washington DC, coinciding with Biden’s inauguration.

Predicted violence

The website said extreme right-wing Boogaloo Boys group is expected to participate in the protests, which the intelligence statement expects to be violent.

The New York Times said senior intelligence services officials are worried of possible attacks on government buildings, homes of representatives and companies.

The newspaper said federal officials are calling on police chiefs in major cities to be on high alert.


Meanwhile, the US authorities raised the level of security measures in the vicinity of the Capitol and deployed National Guard troops with weapons, unlike their usual.

The Pentagon had decided to arm members of the National Guard in anticipation of an outbreak of violence.

The American Politico has previously quoted National Guard sources saying they are expecting explosive attacks on the Capitol.

Photos showed National Guard soldiers lying in the hallways of the Congress building.

The pictures showed that increasing numbers of National Guards spent their nights inside the Capitol and its rooms.

20,000 troops

The acting chief of police in Washington, D.C., expected the deployment of more than 20,000 National Guard troops during the event.

Jeffrey Rosen, Acting Minister of Justice, called on US citizens to report any plans to carry out hostilities in the coming days.

Rosen vowed, in a video posted on YouTube late Tuesday evening, a week after the Capitol riots, to prosecute and hold accountable all those who violate the law.

The Chief of Staff of the US Army, General James C. McConville, posted a tweet on Twitter that included a message to the military regarding the Capitol riots.

He said the violent riots in the Capitol were an attack on Congress and American constitutional democracy.

McConville added that since the founding of the United States, soldiers have committed themselves to safeguarding democratic ideals while adhering to civilian authority by swearing an oath to protect the democracy institutions.

He stressed that democratic elections are a constitutional right, and the army has no role in determining their outcome.

The general said the nation expects the Army to follow the law and “do the right things the right way”.

In a related context, a statement from Biden’s transition team said the president-elect and his team take security threats very seriously.

The statement added that the team is in contact with the current administration to obtain as much information as possible about the threats and preparations are in place to deter and defend against any unrest.

The statement said the team will receive daily briefings on security preparations to ensure that the transition process proceeds smoothly.


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