Australia wants post-Brexit trade deal within months or even weeks

A post-Brexit trade deal between the U.K. and Australia could be done within months or “maybe even weeks,” Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Thursday — while stressing this would mean opening up the British market to Australian agriculture exports.

Morrison told the Australian he called new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday to congratulate him and “wish him every success for the big challenges he now faces ahead.”

He added, “U.K. and Australia have the best of relationships and I have no doubt that Boris and I will be able to take this to a new level in the post-Brexit era.”

While Morrison pointed out the U.K. is “technically … not able to negotiate new trade agreements with other countries until they actually terminate their customs union with the EU,” he said that Australia “would move as swiftly as we can” to agree a deal after Brexit.

“We already put in place a trade working group between Australia and the U.K. to explore possibilities,” the prime minister said. “And that will put us in a position where, if the U.K. wanted to get the deal done Read More – Source