Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance Released From Jail After Getting Clemency From President Trump

Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance was released from prison late Nov. 15 after President Donald Trump granted him clemency.

Trump granted Lorance and Army Major Mathew Golsteyn clemency and restored the rank of Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher.

Video footage showed Lorance leaving Leavenworth Prison in Kansas and reuniting with his family.

“Number one is just, Id like to say thanks to President Trump. I had the opportunity to talk to him today on the phone with Vice President Pence. He sounds just like he sounds on TV on the phone, hes actually pretty funny too when you talk to him on the phone,” Lorance told reporters.

“Its very clear to me that Vice President Pence and President Trump are very much in support of our military and I appreciate the whole country for everything that all of you have done.”

Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance reunites with his family after being released from prison. (CNN)

“This is only the beginning, I wont spoil it but this is only the beginning. Theres a lot more we gotta do to get things fixed, but for now Im going to spend some time with my family,” he added.

Lorance was convicted of ordering soldiers under his command to kill three suspected Taliban militants in Afghanistan. Nine members of the unit testified during the trial saying the men had not been part of the terror group.

Rep. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.) was among those celebrating Trumps clemency decisions, writing: “Earlier this year, I requested a closer look into the serious irregularities in Army Lieutenant Clint Lorances case. Glad to see this news. Thank you, @realDonaldTrump!”

“For years, rampant prosecutorial misconduct, political correctness, and procedures that weight the scales of justice against the accused have personified our military justice system,” Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) added. “Today, thanks to the leadership of President Trump, these Pentagon armchair lawyers are being put on notice. The president recognizes that our combat warriors are to be supported in meeting the incredible responsibilities we place on them and I very much appreciate his advocacy for Americas warfighters.”

While today is a victory for our warfighters, I will remain committed to fixing our broken military justice system. Thank you @realDonaldTrump for your continued leadership on this issue.#FreeEddieGallagher #FreeMattGolsteyn #FreeClintLorance @JFWCaucus pic.twitter.com/KZLqJmvL0f

— Rep. Duncan Hunter (@Rep_Hunter) November 16, 2019

Earlier this year, I requested a closer look into the serious irregularities in Army Lieutenant Clint Lorances caseRead More – Source