3 Syrian soldiers killed, 7 injured in Israeli air raids – state media

      Syrian air defense systems have been activated against “enemy targets” in the southern Damascus countryside, Sana reports. Earlier, the IDF claimed two projectiles were launched from Syria towards northern Israel.      

Multiple explosions were heard in the sky just outside the Syrian capital late Saturday evening after “hostile air targets” emerged from the direction of the occupied Golan Heights, state media said. According to the report, Syrian air defense systems successfully intercepted a number of “missiles.”

Following the initial raid, several more rockets were fired towards the eastern Quneitra countryside from the direction of Israel, killing at least three Syrian soldiers and injuring seven other servicemen, a military source told Sana.

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Just hours earlier, the Israel Defense Forces claimed that two missiles were fired from Syria toward the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights. The Israeli military noted that there was no reported damage or injuries from the missiles.

Israel has been staging cross-border intrusions into Syria on an almost weekly basis in total disregard of Syrian sovereignty. While the country rarely acknowledges its military activity inside Syria, the Israeli military did confirm attacking an anti-aircraft position inside its neighbors territory earlier this week – after an invading Israeli Read More – Source