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Iran says navy prepared to protect oil tankers from any threats as US sanctions kick in

Following US warnings dissuading port operators from allowing Iranian tankers to dock, Irans top bra..


Russian spy in Austria exposed by the British to spoil Viennas relations with Moscow – report

An Austrian officer, who is accused of having spied for Russia for two decades, has been exposed by ..


Black Friday phone deals 2018: $600 Note 9, $320 Galaxy S9, $300 gift card – CNET

There are some generous Black Friday deals already cropping up for Samsung phones as premium as the ..


Sound-absorbent wings and fur help some moths evade bats

Some moths arent so easy for bats to detect. The cabbage tree emperor moth has wings with tiny scal..


Doctor behind viral tweet to NRA says gun lobby started the fight

The American pathologist whose response to the NRA's call for "self-important anti-gun doctors ..


Germany demands Kiev takes down website branding ex-chancellor ‘anti-Ukrainian’

Germany asked Kiev to take down a highly controversial website, which lists "enemies of Ukraine" and..


Sweden scraps TV licence – but here’s what you need to know about the new tax

You may be entitled to money back next year. Photo: Bertil Ericson/TT Sweden's TV licence..


Bollywood actress claims wrestler took bribe before brutal body slam (VIDEO)

A Bollywood star says an American pro-wrestler took a bribe from a rival actress to brutally body sl..


‘I killed a child and I don’t want to live anymore’: Elderly driver who hit 6yo Indie Armstrong dies

The elderly woman who was behind the wheel of a car that struck and killed a six-year-old girl on th..


New dad faces deportation from Sweden after 16 years due to holiday pay error

The case of Cihat Karahan, known to friends as Gino, is the latest evidence that foreign professiona..