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Giuliani Promises Evidence of Obama Administration Interference in Ukraine

President Donald Trumps lawyer Rudy Giuliani promised “evidence” that former Vice President Joe Bide..


Social media networks fail to root out fake accounts: report

RIGA — Social media companies from Facebook to YouTube are f..


Věra Jourová: Platforms need to open up algorithms to deal with disinformation

Tech platforms need to do more to prevent the spread of mani..


What we learned from the UK governments Brexit documents

LONDON — The Tories may be ahead in the polls, but Labour wont go down without a fight. At a press ..


Melania Trump Hands Out Christmas Presents to London Children

First Lady Melania Trump was greeted by dozens of school children in northeast London on Dec. 4 when..

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New Report: Israel Aims to Change Jerusalem Identity by Shutting Down Institutions and Confiscating Land

Geneva – The Israeli authorities have continued their human rights violations in Jerusalem in Novemb..

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Tunisian Authorities must meet protesters demands and respect their right to peaceful demonstration

Geneva –Tunisian authorities must respect the right to peaceful demonstration, meet the protesters d..


Up to 17.8 million people internally displaced because of conflict, disasters in Africa

Although forced displacement is a global phenomenon, it is more pronounced in Africa. Africa hosts o..


Senate Candidate Uses Doctored Footage to Show Senator Shooting at Him

A man running for a U.S. Senate seat in Iowa spliced footage together in a campaign announcement vid..


Border Agents Freed Up for Patrol as Asylum Changes Take Effect

YUMA, Ariz.—Border agents in Yuma are back on patrol after months of being inundated with floods of ..