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Algeria: Tourism and travel gains raise despite Omicron

Tourism in Algeria

Tourism and travel agencies in Algeria have gained great popularity at the end of this year, despite the Omicron variant spread.

The agencies’ revenues increased recently, as citizens are accepting to make reservations inside and outside the country.

Omicron prompted many countries of the world to take precautionary measures and re-impose restrictions to confront the pandemic.

Officials in travel agencies confirmed that Turkey and Tunisia acquired the most preferred tourist destinations for Algerians wishing to travel abroad. At the same time, the desert governorates ranked first in the list of internal destinations.

Tourism in Algeria

Mohamed Lamine Belkheir, an official in a tourism and travel agency, said: “There is an increase in the demand for tourism agencies despite Omicron, as all tickets are sold as soon as the trip is programmed.”

“This is a positive indicator, after major stagnation in tourism activity was recorded due to the repercussions of pandemic over the past year.”

Belkheir added, “All the scheduled trips to the Turkish city of Istanbul have been booked for the end of the year vacation, while requests are still coming to some desert states within the framework of domestic tourism.”

In this context, Abdelnour Gowazi, owner of a tourism and travel agency in the city of Oran, western Algeria, said that “the desert states in Algeria have also witnessed a high demand during the recent period for spending the end of the year vacation.”

Gowazi added, “The continuation of the repercussions of the Coronavirus pandemic has affected the prices of trips, whether at the external or internal level.”

Algerian travel agencies, like other actors in the tourism sector, have suffered from the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, as many agencies were forced to close their doors more than a year and a half ago.

“Travel agencies have begun to leave the recovery that they forcibly entered due to the Coronavirus during more than 15 months of closures,” said Kamal Wahhabi, spokesman for the Algerian Syndicate of Travel Agencies.

Algeria had decided to close its land, sea and air borders, in March 2020, after the country recorded the first cases of infection with the Coronavirus.


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