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China’s TikTok is 2021’s ‘hottest’ app


Chinese social networking application TikTok was the most popular application in the world during 2021, an economic report indicated.

According to a report by Apptopia, which specializes in monitoring the application market, TikTok ranked first in the list of most downloaded applications on users’ devices during the past year.

Apptopia collects and analyzes user activity data on online app stores to see which areas are growing the fastest and which apps are getting the most downloads.


By analyzing the data of the App Store and Google Play, the company identified the 10 most popular applications in the United States and the world. Owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, TikTok ranked first whether in the United States or globally.

According to Apptopia’s global list, the app took the first place and was downloaded 656 million times during the past year.

Instagram came in second place, as it was downloaded 545 million times, then Facebook 416 million times. Then came WhatsApp with 395 million downloads, then Snapchat 327 million.

At the level of the United States only, the TikTok application also came in first place and was downloaded 94 million times. It was followed by Instagram, which was downloaded 64 million times.

The hottest

Information security company Cloudflare published a report last week that said that the TikTok domain name had become the most popular in the world by late last year. It overtook the domain name.

The domain name ended the year before last as the most popular in the world. The domain name was in seventh place at the time.

But things have changed dramatically over the past year. The domain name jumped to the first place and moved the name to the second place., which specializes in technology issues, indicated that the explosion in the popularity of the app during the pandemic contributed to the great leap achieved by its domain.

In a related context, the number of TikTok users reached one billion monthly active users last September.

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