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Swiss company introduces eye-catching modern mobility technology

Swiss company

A Swiss company participated in Expo 2020 and demonstrated new technology to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly high-speed trains.

The Swiss company says that the new technology is much less expensive than other existing technologies. It is expected that this technology will make a real leap in this sector.

In a presentation to journalists at the Switzerland Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, Nevomo presented the MagRail technology, which revolves around trains that travel at speeds of up to 550 kilometers per hour, but they are distinguished from similar projects in that they use the rails and infrastructure already in the existing railways.

Swiss company

Stefan Kirch, Business Development Director at Nevomo, said: “The Middle East is the place to be, because the region is changing in leaps and bounds, and we want to present our core technology here at Expo.”

“MagRail offers a competitive advantage; building a new hyperloop infrastructure is approximately EUR 50 million (AED 209 million) per kilometre, and building a new high-speed railway line costs EUR 25 million (AED 104 million) per kilometre, but using MagRail technology and updating the existing infrastructure only costs EUR 7 million (AED29 million) per kilometre,” he said.

“Hence, it’s a cheaper, sustainable and an efficient option,” he added.

The innovative mobility technology is not only characterized by great speed, but also has the advantage that it does not emit any harmful carbon emissions, and does not require new spaces for other constructions.

The company is currently testing its technologies in Europe, with a project in Bologna, Italy, and is conducting studies and discussions for other projects in France and Spain.

Kirch noted that compared to an estimated cost of between 25 and 160 million euros to develop one kilometer of different railways, only seven million euros is needed to develop a MagRail.

He stated that Nevomo now aims to enter the Middle East market through the Expo 2020 portal.

Expo 2020 is the gateway to creativity, and MagRail is one of a number of innovative mobility solutions being showcased at Expo 2020, including Cargospeed ​​from DB World, a hyperloop-based shipping system that delivers shipments in less time and without environmentally harmful impacts.

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