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Spotify wins the battle of the top music streaming service


London, (Business News Report) – Spotify platform has surpassed all music streaming services platforms globally, followed by Apple Music in second place, according to a Midia Research report.

The report, which monitored the rates of use of music broadcasting platforms during the second quarter of 2021, indicated that the Spotify platform captured the first place with 31% of the total percentage of users of music broadcasting services globally, which numbered 523.9 million subscribers.

In second place was Apple’s music streaming service, Apple Music, with 15% of the total number of users of music streaming services worldwide.


In third place, Amazon’s music streaming service, Amazon Music, came in with 13% of the total percentage of users of music streaming services worldwide.

Sony and Apple have also officially announced that the Apple Music app is now available on the popular PlayStation 5 video game console.

Apple Music is also fully integrated into the PS5 with support for playing background music while gaming, 4K music videos, and access to the full Apple Music catalog.

To start the Apple Music app on PlayStation, PlayStation 5 users can download Apple Music from the console’s media space, then log into their account.

Note that the use of the application will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 platform, and will not be available in older versions of it.

Tech Escalation

In a related context, although escalation is usually intended negatively, its results provide the best. If two companies are competing increasingly to produce the best tool, the consumer benefits because he gets a choice between the best and the best tools.

The continuous spread of digital technology in this scenario also leads to the creation of new markets in various sectors, which leads to more productivity gains and strong economic growth.

It is noteworthy that Spotify topped the ranking of the top five in the world of online music streaming services, ahead of Deezer and Amazon in a noisy race.


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