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Pixel 5A heating issue puts Google in a new challenge

Pixel 5A

Experts have revealed a heating problem with the Pixel 5A phones, which Google recently introduced to the market, which puts the technology giant in trouble.

They said that the Pixel 5A phone overheats when recording a 4K video for a long time.

Pixel 5A is the latest generation of smartphones produced by the American Internet and technology services company Google.

According to expert Adam Matlock and experts at CNET, which specializes in technology issues, the temperature of the Pixel 5A phone, which was released last week, rises when high-resolution 4K video was recorded with for a long time.

This high-resolution recording can cause recording to stop suddenly and display a message that you should close the camera “until device cools off.”

CNET reported that its tests showed that the phone can record 4K videos for just over six minutes before it stops recording.

Despite the high temperature in the upper part of the phone and surrounding the camera, the lower part remains in a normal state.

Google had said that the Pixel 5A phone is equipped with a larger screen and a larger battery, in addition to the ability to resist water, in an attempt to attract customers looking for low-cost smartphones and increase its market share.

The price of the new device is $449, which is about $50 less than the price of the previous generation Pixel4A compatible with 5G technology, with the addition of minor updates.

At the same time, the new, lowest-priced phone has a dual camera, a device insurance chip and a processor produced by Qualcomm, which are the components in the most expensive category as well.

Alphabet, the company that owns Google, is expected to start selling the Pixel 5A phone directly in the United States and Japan from August 26, in addition to selling it through the network stores of the Japanese company SoftBank Corp.

Meanwhile, the new phone’s screen is 6.3 inches, which is slightly larger than the 6.2 inches screen of the Pixel 4A.

The battery power has also been increased to be enough to work for 48 hours when fully charged, according to Google.


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