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Meta faces lawsuit over user data abuse allegations


London (Business News Report) – Meta (formerly Facebook) is facing a $3.2 billion class-action lawsuit over user data abuse allegations.

Meta is accused of exploiting the personal data of 44 million users between 2015 and 2019 to using its market dominance.

According to the lawsuit, which will be heard by the Competition Appeal Tribunal in London, the company has earned billions of pounds by imposing unfair terms and conditions requiring consumers to hand over valuable personal data to access the network.

On the other hand, a Moscow court last month imposed a heavy fine on Meta of $ 27 million for failing to remove content that Moscow considers illegal. Meanwhile, the Russian authorities intensified pressure on foreign technology giants.

The court’s media service reported on Telegram that a fine of 1.9 billion rubles had been imposed on the company.


In a related context, new numbers appeared regarding social networking sites, and by the end of the year 2021, which had captured global attention in various decision-making rooms around the world, Facebook would be on top.

Day after day,  Facebook strengthens its position in the world, and restores the title that was monopolized by Britain, “the empire on which the sun does not set”, and turns into a title monopolized today by Mark Zuckerberg.

Based on Facebook and Twitter data, a list of social media statistics related to user behavior, especially on Facebook and Twitter, was released.

According to the statistics, until the end of last year, Facebook had about 2.91 billion monthly active users, an increase of 6% year on year to represent the largest country in the world.

India ranks first in the world in terms of the size of Facebook’s audience, with nearly 400 million users, as India’s superiority in number is due to the restrictions imposed on Facebook within China.

The United States, Indonesia and Brazil also have 200 million Facebook users, 140 million and 130 million, respectively.

Daily Facebook users make about 11.2 billion visits, while the average visit time is 21 minutes and 52 seconds.


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