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Jordanian markets suffer high prices amid popular anger

Jordanian markets

Jordanian markets are experiencing a high prices wave, casting a wide dissatisfaction among citizens.

The prices of goods in the Jordanian markets recorded successive hikes, due to the global wave of high prices and the lack of some goods in the local markets.

In the opinion of Jordanian traders, the Jordanian markets are facing a real wave with the repercussions of commodity prices globally.

They called on the government to intervene to reduce these effects by reconsidering the sales tax and customs duties imposed.

Although the government recently announced measures to limit and control the rebound in the global and continuous rises in food and basic commodities prices, it stressed that reducing the sales tax on food and basic commodities is the most important measure that consumers can actually feel its effects.

In turn, the Secretary of the Amman Chamber of Industry and a member of the Board of Directors of Jordan Industry, Tamim Al-Qasrawi, said that global markets are witnessing significant increases in various food and basic commodities, with rates reaching 100 percent for some items.

Among the most prominent items that have recorded sharp increases recently are processed meat, milk, oils and some types of legumes, in addition to the rise in freight charges and other production inputs.

He indicated that the stock of goods in the local market is still comfortable, in addition to the availability of wide local alternatives of various types of goods, the prices of which are witnessing global increases, and a scarcity of supply, which led to “unreasonable” increases in their prices.

Al-Qasrawi added: “It is not possible to predict a date for the situation to return to what it was in light of the disruption of parts of the production and supply chains, as a result of the measures associated with the Corona pandemic globally, but it is possible that a breakthrough will begin during the second half of 2022.”


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