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At $2.5 trillion threshold – cryptocurrencies continue to soar


Cryptocurrencies continue to soar, making leaps and bounds, approaching $2.5 trillion.

Supported by significant gains for the majority of currencies led by Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies are approaching the historical figure.

In terms of trading, during the last week’s trading, the total market value of digital currencies increased by 8%, gaining about $183.4 billion.

The rises in the combined market value came from the level of $2,316.2 billion in transactions

The market value, at beginning of last week, reached the level of $2,499.6 billion in today’s trading.

As for the Bitcoin, it recorded a weekly gain of 12.6%, with a gain of about $6,910

After its price rose from the level of $54,910 to about $61,820 in today’s trading.

Its combined market value also jumped by 12.7%, gaining about $131.4 billion, after its total market value increased from $1,034.1 billion to about $1,165.5 billion.

Bitcoin accounted for about 71.6% of the total market gains during this week’s trading.

Ethereum, which ranked second in the list of the largest digital currencies in terms of the market value, made a weekly gain of 6.6%, profiting about $239, after its price increased from $3,606 to $3,845.

Its combined market value also jumped by 6.8%, gaining about $28.9 billion, after it jumped from the level of $424.9 billion to about $453.8 billion, acquiring about 15.7% of the total market gains during the current week’s trading.

Other cryptocurrencies

While Binance Coin ranked third among the largest cryptocurrencies by market value, it recorded gains during the last week’s trading by 12.8%. With gains during the past hours by 2.7%, it is trading today at the level of $477.

Its combined market value also rose to the level of $80.46 billion.

Cardano coin, which ranked fourth among the top 10 digital currencies by market value, recorded losses during the last week’s trading, amounting to 2.2%, compared to an increase of 0.8% during the past hours, to be traded today at the level of $2.21. Its combined market value rose to $72.78 billion.

Tether currency came in fifth place, after its price settled at the level of $1. It also recorded a total market value of about $68.54 billion.


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