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Qatari Minister of Labor hails legislative, administrative reforms

Ali bin Samikh Al Marri

Doha, (Business News Report) – Qatar adopted many legislative and administrative reforms and established a partnership with the International Labor Organization (ILO) in 2017, Minister of Labor Ali bin Samikh Al Marri said.

He that that is part of supporting the country’s ambitious efforts to reform the labor sector.

In an interview to Al-Sharq newspaper published today, he stressed that the state has adopted many legislative and administrative reforms to achieve the conditions for compliance with international labor agreements and their requirements that are ratified, such as principles and basic rights to work in the state.

Several goals have been achieved since that time, and this contributed to achieving the National Vision 2030 and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, especially Goal 8 on decent work and economic growth, he pointed out.

Al Marri explained that the Ministry of Labor, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, cooperates with the labor-exporting countries through continuous communication with the diplomatic missions of these countries, as well as with the communities that represent these workers in everything that would avoid and solve the problems and obstacles that the expatriate workers may face in the country.

labor reforms

ILO had praised the labor conditions in Qatar and the reforms that have been made to correct these conditions.

For his turn, Al Marri said that Qatar has been a pioneer in modernizing labor legislation and laws, regulating the labor market and developing mechanisms for their implementation to ensure the preservation of the rights of both employers and workers, and this made the Qatar achieve qualitative goals in this field.

Qatar witnessed a number of reforms in the labor sector since the abolition of kafala system in 2015, until last year, he added.

last year Qatar decided to raise the minimum wage; establish a specialized committee to protect the minimum wage, according to the recommendations of the comprehensive independent evaluation; establish the Workers’ Support and Insurance Fund; and adopt the workplace inspection policy and occupational safety and health systems in accordance with international standards.

Al Marri said that Qatar was keen to adopt legislation that abolished the kafala system and allowed the transfer from one employer to another, and canceled exit permits and no objection certificates when changing the employer.

Qatar has also adopted many legislations related to combating forced labor and exploitation, as well as legislation regarding the election of workers’ representatives in joint committees, he added.


On the Qatarization of jobs in the private sector, he stressed that it is one of the most prominent priorities of the Ministry during the coming period.

He said that agreements will be concluded with various private sector institutions to reach understandings about the jobs they need and the possibility of qualifying and training human cadres to those jobs.

In the coming period, a new platform will be launched, through which citizens can check the available jobs in the private sector and choose the appropriate jobs in line with their qualifications and experience, he noted.

He pointed out that the ministry will intensify monitoring private sector companies and entities subject to the labor law, to ensure the implementation of policies and plans for Qatarization, and obligating companies and entities to which the labor law applies to implement Qatarization policies.

In the event that it is proven that any of the private sector companies, to which the Labor Law applies, have violated Qatarization, strict measures will be taken against them, he added.

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