Woman Dreamt She Swallowed Her Engagement Ring, Turns Out She Did

Engagement Ring SwallowJenna Evans/Facebook

One of the most disconcerting experiences in life is waking up after a disturbing dream and trying to piece together whether or not it actually happened.

Usually, after a few good blinks, you will figure out there isnt actually a tiger lurking at the end of your bed. Neither are you strolling naked around your local shopping precinct.

However, for one woman from California, a vivid dream turned out to have a painful – and very funny – curdle of truth to it…

Bride-to-be Jenna Evans, of San Diego, has long experienced exciting and vivid dreams which often play out like action-packed movies. And I must say, I envy her inventive imagination.

One night, the 29-year-old woman dreamt she and her future husband Bobby were aboard a speeding train, where they were facing off a group of shady villains. In a bid to protect Jennas 2.4-carat engagement ring from the nefarious individuals, Bobby urged her swallow it for safekeeping.

When Jenna awoke the following morning, the glittering piece of jewellery was no longer pride of place on her ring finger. Jenna quickly figured out she had actually swallowed the ring while still asleep.

Waking up fiancé Bobby, Jenna explained what had happened, and the pair shared a good chuckle at the bizarre occurrence before heading on over to the hospital. They also googled how common it was for an adult to swallow a ring. Turns out, not very.

Engagement Ring SwallowJenna Evans/Facebook

After arriving at the urgent care unit, Jenna initially struggled to explain her situation to medics because she was simultaneously laughing and crying.

Recalling the surreal hospital visit via a Facebook post which has since gone viral, Jenna wrote:

The doctor ordered an X-Ray and seemed pretty shocked when she walked back in with a second doctor and showed me that sure enough, my ring was right there in my stomach!

They called a gastroenterologist and decided it would be best NOT to let nature take its course. (Thank God) Before I left, she recommended seeing a sleep specialist as well.

Speaking with CBS 8 San Diego following the incident, Jenna revealed how letting nature take its course could have led to the ring tearing her intestines, or even getting stuck in her digestive tract. Ouch.

So, in case you missed it, I swallowed my engagement ring in my sleep on Tuesday night. I actually remember doing it,…

Posted by Jenna Evans on Thursday, September 12, 2019

By the time Bobby took her to to see the GI doctor, Jennas expensive midnight snack was starting to hurt. She also had to sign a pretty sobering release form.

Writing on Facebook, Jenna said:

At this point, I could definitely feel it in my guts, it was starting to really hurt and make us nervous. They decided an upper endoscopy was just the thing and said dont worry its not big deal, but please sign this release form jusRead More – Source

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