Toddler Trapped On Escalator Handrail Saved At Last Second From 30-Foot Fall

Toddler saved from escalator AsiaWire

A toddler had a lucky escape recently when he was rescued from an escalator handrail he was hanging from.

CCTV footage from a shopping centre in Xining County, which is in the city of Shaoyang in Central Chinas Hunan Province, shows the little boy being dragged up the handrail and reaching heights of 30 feet.

Just as he reached the top, the toddler was noticed by a woman standing next to the escalator, who immediately rushed to his aid and pulled him from the handrail.

You can watch what happened below:

The footage shows the three-year-old standing alone at the bottom of the escalator, which led to the first floor of the store, just after 11am local time last Wednesday (September 11).

After running his hands along the moving handrail belt, his clothes become caught in the machinery and he is lifted off the ground. The helpless boy ends up sprawled across the top of the narrow handrail as it carries him approximately 30 feet up the side of the escalator.

Subsequent footage from the first floor shows a multitude of people gathering on the floor below, staring up at the toddler who could have fallen off the side of the escalator at any point – facing serious injury or possibly even death.

Thankfully, an employee in the store noticed the little boy coming towards her and rushed to the top of the escalator, waiting for him to get closer before she lifted him to safety.

Toddler saved from escalatorAsiaWire

The boy was fortunately not injured as a result of the incident, thanks to the fast thinking and subsequent actions of the store employee.

As of yet, it is unclear whether the three-year-olds guardians – who were nowhere to be seen throughout the 30 second long footage – have been spoken to by police.

Another young boy in China managed to escape a similar fate earlier this year when his arm was sucked into a faulty escalator during a shopping trip.

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