SAS pilots threaten strike at end of April

The notification of the possible strike came after unsuccessful negotiations on a collective bargaining agreement, with salary increases the biggest sticking point but other issues relating to working hours and scheduling.

The SAS Pilot group, which represents almost all (95 percent) of the airline's pilots in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, has given notice of a strike if a compromise cannot be reached.

If the strike went ahead, Easter travel would not be affected, but it would begin from midnight on April 26th.

A negotiator for Scandinavia's SAS airline has hit back at what he called the pilots' "unreasonable and extreme demands".

"The pilots have an average salary of 93,000 SEK ($10,000) a month and their demands involve a 15 percent increase," Torbjörn Granevärn, chief negotiator for the Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises, told the Expressen newspaper, adding that the demands were "so extreme that they threatened job security and the sustainability of the company."

The SAS Pilot group has said that their salary requests are in line with the market rate.

Granevärn, who is handling the talks for SAS, complained that the leaders of the Swedish Pilot's Union had snubbed negotiations planned for Monday and instead decided to float the prospect of a strike in the media.

"This represents a warning of a strike actions against the background of these extreme demands," he said. "It's unfortunate as it leads to concern among SAS's customers."


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