Russia conducts 1st anti-sub flight to N. American shores via North Pole since breakup of USSR

Russian anti-submarine aviation has conducted the first training flight over the North Pole to North American shores since the Soviet era, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu says.

“For the very first time since the Soviet era, weve conducted anti-submarine aviation flights over the North Pole to the shores of the North American continent,” Shoigu said on Wednesday.

The development and modernization of the Northern Fleet, as well as the Arctic in general, remains among the main priorities of the MoD.

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In 2017 alone, the Northern Fleet “received 1,090 pieces of modern hardware, including five combat speedboats, seven logistics vessels, nine aircraft and 10 anti-air radar systems.”

This year, the fleet has been bolstered by further additions, including the icebreaker Ilya Muromets, while military logistics vessel Elbrus is also about to join its ranks. Several other vessels are undergoing final tests before their deployment, according to Shoigu.


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