Rude Number Plate Wont Be Banned By DVLA Despite Complaints

Rude Number Plate Wont Be Banned By DVLA Despite ComplaintsAndy Alderson/Vanarama

Despite a number of peeved off complaints, the DVLA are refusing to ban a vans rude number plate.

Its a love affair that begins with your first calculator in school, using numbers to write out BOOBIES.

Dishing out the cash for a cheeky licence plate is the ultimate level-up – however, not everyone is impressed with a vehicle in Birmingham.

BJ69 Vanarama Licence Plate 2Andy Alderson/Vanarama

Drivers turning up to Vanarama have been left with a red face when they one of the vehicles registrations, which starts with BJ69.

Customers have complained to the business that the plate is too rude – it refers to two sexual acts, for the unaware (Im not going to describe the intricacies of each one).

Drowning under the complaints, the bosses at Vanarama contacted the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency to say the number is a bit much.

BJ69 Vanarama Licence PlateAndy Alderson/Vanarama

A spokesman from the company cited one incident, where a customer arrived at their showroom to pick up their new vehicle, a Nissan NV400, but ended up turning it down because of the plate.

As reported by the Daily Star, Vanarama boss Andy Alderson said:

While weve got a sense of humour about these things, one of the reasons our customers love Vanarama is because a brand new van is the best way of making a good impression with clients.

Given this, we can understand that some customers might have some concerns about a number plate that looks like a quote from the Kama Sutra.

However, it would appear the government has a dirty sense of humour (or, it just doesnt break any rules). They told Vanarama that the plate is suitable for release.

Speaking to Metro, a spokesperson for the DVLA said:

The vast majority of registration numbers are made available for general issue and for sale. We consider the series in question to be suitable for release.

BJ69 Vanarama Licence Plate 3Andy Alderson/Vanarama

In response, Alderson said: Every year the DVLA make a song and dance about censoring naughty number plates, but somehow theyve decided BJ69′ isnt too much.

To be fair, its not exactly like the DVLA are known for being too liberal – they have an extensive list of number plates that are banned each year, with any ending in SEX, BUM and ASS automatically added to the list.

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