If US is all for sovereignty, it should stop meddling in other countries affairs – Lavrov

If the US cares as much about the concept of sovereignty as President Donald Trump claims, it should stop interfering in the affairs of other countries, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says.

Statements by top US officials clearly show which country is actually interfering in the affairs of other nations, Lavrov said during a press conference on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly on Friday.

The foreign minister cited Kurt Volker, the US special representative for Ukraine, as an example.

“It would be fine if Volker talked about reconciliation in Ukraine. All he talks about is how Russia is to blame for everything,” Lavrov said.

“And then he takes the liberty of saying things like Russian people deserve freedom – thats the US special representative for Ukraine speaking – And the Ukrainian experience should inspire Russian people.”

You can probably figure out from this who is calling for meddling and who isnt.

If the US actually took seriously its own statements about countries worldwide being sovereign, it would be a very welcome development, the Russian foreign minister stated, reflecting on Trumps speech at the UN General Assembly.

“Trump, among other things, stated that he firmly backs the sovereignty of each nation in the world; I strongly support this,” Lavrov said.

“If the US is adhering that much to sovereignty as the basic principle, one maybe shouldnt tamper with the affairs of other countries.”

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