Guy Claiming To Be Hitlers Last Relative Convicted Of Kissing Schoolgirl

Guy Claiming To Be Hitler's Last Relative Convicted Of Kissing SchoolgirlCEN

A man claiming to be the last living relative of Adolf Hitler has been convicted of paedophilia after he was found to have kissed a 13-year-old girl.

Romano-Lukas Hitler is reportedly the only person alive bearing the surname of the evil Nazi leader, while he also claims to be related to the dictator through the Nazi leaders father, Alois.

Romano-Lukas lives in the east German city of Goerlitz, and says Adolfs father, Alois, had a younger brother, whose grandson fled to Slovakia after the war. That grandson, Romano-Lukas believes, is his own father.

Guy Claiming To Be Hitler's Last Relative Convicted Of Kissing SchoolgirlCEN

69-year-old Romano-Lukas doesnt seem to mind his surname. As the tattoo on his head may also suggest, hes not averse to things which make him stand out from the crowd. He apparently uses the name on his passport, his German ID card, bank account and rental contract for his home. Though he does admit the name has hindered him when it comes to finding work, describing it as a cross to bear and wouldnt wish it on anyone.

Although, the 69-year-old reportedly has a picture of Adolf in his home, so it seems hes not too burdened down by it…

And, as you might expect from someone with such a surname, Romano-Lukas life so far hasnt been without a certain amount of controversy.

Guy Claiming To Be Hitler's Last Relative Convicted Of Kissing SchoolgirlCEN

The 69-year-old was recently convicted of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl, after a complaint by the girls father was taken to court.

According to reports, the girls father was selling a garage, which Romano-Lukas said he was interested in. However, when he arrived to inspect the garage, he was only interested in the 13-year-old girl.

The dad said:

I had put a garage up for sale and Hitler answered the advert. But when he turned up he didnt seem to have much interest in the garage, only in [redacted]. He lured her to his flat with sweets, brought her clothes and plastic flowers and even offered to marry her.


According to the father, his daughter told him Romano-Lukas has kissed her. When he found out, the dad banned her from seeing him and filed a complaint with police.

Romano-Lukas, however, tried to defend himself, saying Im innocent and the kiss was only the usual greeting that is common in Germany.

Judge Ulrich Schettgen, however, rejected Romano-Lukas claims, and found the 69-year-old guilty of kissing the girl against her will on both the neck and cheek. He was ordered to pay a 800 Euro fine,

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