Go ahead and kill: Indian university official slammed for inciting students to murder

      A vice-chancellor of an Indian public university in the Uttar Pradesh state is under fire after granting his students a license to kill and claiming that he would help them to get away with murder.      

“If you are a student of this university and ever pick up a fight with someone, never come crying to me. Thrash your enemy,” Raja Ram Yadav, vice-chancellor of Purvanchal University, said in a speech on Saturday.

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“If it is possible for you, go ahead and murder that person. We will take care of it later,” he added, before some people in the audience began cheering “Waah” (bravo) and applauding his remarks.

The vice-chancellors bizarre call to violence immediately drew criticism from politicians and prompted the state government to seek clarification of his remarks.

“He cant make such comments. He should teach students the way of peace but hes doing gunda raj. VC of such mentality has no right to stay in his position,” Uttar Pradesh Minister Sidharth Nath Singh noted on Sunday.

“This is what passes for an education in some places these days,” added Omar Abdullah, a prominent politician in the country.

Get in to a fight, commit a murder as a result and this university VC will take care of things. This is what passes for an education in some places these days. Not surprisingly the audience even applauds his assertion.

— Omar Abdullah (@OmarAbdullah) December 30, 2018

Coincidently, on the same day that Yadav issued his license to kill, a police officer was stoned to death during violent protests in Ghazipur city, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a rally. This was the second death of a police officer reported in the turbulent Uttar Pradesh state, which has been gripped by mob violence in recent weeks.

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