Father And Son Held At Gunpoint For Chasing Flight Down Runway After Spending Too Long In Bar

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After spending too long in the airport bar, a father and son took desperate measures to catch their plane – but ended up being held at gunpoint on the runway.

Its a tale thatll feel familiar to many. Youve done the stressful bit: the queuing, the check-in, the security. As you pop your shoes and belt back on and lift your bag, the luminous glow of duty-free appears in the distance.

You hunker down in a Wetherspoons. If its the afternoon, you get a pint. If its nighttime, you get a pint. If its morning, you get a pint. Like a Las Vegas casino, time carries no rules in airports.

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Antonio Loi, 65, and Tony, 40, were sitting enjoying a drink in a bar in Cagliari Airport in Sardinia on Tuesday (September 17).

In a rushed bid to catch their plane, they exited through a door which set an alarm off, sparking a whole bunch of consequences.

Tony Loi, who lives in London, branded the situation ridiculous and stupid.

As reported by The Sun, Tony said:

We usually board at a gate on the first floor so thats where we were sitting but they boarded from below.

They said they called us but neither of us heard anything on the tannoy. My dad saw an easyJet plane outside and then saw that boarding was shut.

I ran downstairs towards the plane, I thought the stairs to the plane were still there, so I basically exited a door that put an alarm off.


After bursting through the door, Tony said he really believed theyd be let on the plane. However, despite the fact he insisted he opened the wrong door, OK, but Im not a criminal. I wanted to get on my plane, the pair ended up in hot water.

Italian police held the pair at gunpoint, with Antonio telling the officers at the scene: What are you doing? I want to catch this plane.

Following the mayhem on the runway, the pair were taken to a small room where they were told theyd be fined £2,000 for the damage caused when opening the door.

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Airport police officer Mimmo Bari told The Sun:

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